Reflex aspires to be a leader in tire balancing field, developping, manufacturing and trading top-notch tire balancing beads and related products. Reflex Beads are a type of non-metal spheres with high-desity, what continuously rebalance your tires when you drive. Being both chemically and physically stable, our beads are will not cause damage to any parts of the tires or wheels, even if in extreme weather situations.

Unbalanced tires lead to vibration of wheels and suspension systems, especially at higher speed, causing tires to wear unevenly and making them more vulnerable to external damages. If you own a pick-up truck, commercial truck, motorhome, RV, tractor trailer, motorcycle or similar vehicles, you could totally trust that Reflex Balancing Beads is the easiest and safest method for getting rid of wheel vibrations and balancing your tires.

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